Welcome to Precious Ones International Christian School.


Dear Parents/Guardians and students, welcome to Precious Ones International Christian School. The administration and staff are proud to partner with you in the education of your children. Educational success for all students cannot be complete without an effective partnership with all parents. You are the most essential part of your children's education and it is important that we build a strong relationship in order to best serve your children's educational needs.

Therefore, we strongly encourage you to participate in our Parent-Teacher Conference Days, School fellowships and Prayer Days, cultural days, sports days, debate sessions, and other school activities. You will find in the Parent/Student Handbook some very important information regarding some of the policies and procedures established for the safety of the children and the smooth operation of the school. Please read this information carefully and keep it for future reference.

Should you have questions, feel free to contact school administration. Our hope is that the partnership you develop with your children's teachers and the school will reflect a positive feeling about education and will be a pleasurable experience for everyone.



To be a centre of excellence in providing christian values-based education.


Equipping each child to reach their God-ordained destine.

Core Values.

Christ-centred, Holistic Approach, Individualised, Loving, Diligent & Servant Leadership.

School leadership with ACE Africa leadership